Air Purifier Series 1000


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With profession-grade sensing performance, the Philips Air Purifier Series 1000 automatically monitors, reacts and purifies the air–then gives real-time air quality feedback via the numerical display and colour ring. Ideal for bedrooms and nurseries, with quiet night sense auto-mode. With cutting edge sensing and purification technology, the Philips Air Purifier Series 1000 is proven to reduce allergens, odors, and VOCs. The pre-filter and True HEPA filter remove particles. The Active Carbon filter reduces gases and odors. 

 Captures 99.97% of particles that pass through the filter
Designed with a multi-stage active filtration system,which captures up to 99.97% of particles that pass through the filter as small as 0.3 microns – the size of most common airborne allergens, particles, bacteria and viruses.
 Automatically monitors, reacts & purifies the air
Benchmarked against a professional-grade sensor, Philips AeraSense technology is highly effective in sensing even the slightest change in indoor air conditions. It continuously monitors the air and automatically adjusts the fan speed when it detects a change in particles.
 3 auto modes: General, Allergen, and night sense
The Philips Air Purifier has 3 automatic purification settings: a General mode, an extra-sensitive Allergen mode, and a night sense mode that automatically turns down the lights and fan speed when the room is dark.
 4 manual settings, including turbo speed
In addition to the 3 auto modes, the purifier also has 4 manual modes. Pick one that is ideal for your required purification.
 Ideal for small to medium rooms
The Philip Air Purifier has been designed for small to medium rooms, such as a bedroom. It is recommended for rooms up to 200 sq ft.
 Low energy consumption 
This purifier is Energy Star-certified.


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